William, Complete Merchant Solution

“He is one of my best developers. He has the balance between Speed and Reliability. He knows what questions to ask and that makes my life easier for I can give him the right answer. He is a very smart guy. He is great on estimating how long the project to be done and delivered them absolutely as expected.”

Jen, Advice Media

“I always appreciate her attention to detail and thoughtfulness regarding streamlining our processes to increase efficiency.  She has excellent time management skills and continues to impress me.”

Andy, Complete Merchant Solutions

“He has continued to make great progress with our Slice project even with me throwing all sorts of random tasks his way. When we had an issue with Slice off hours for him he still took the time to help us out allowing us to fix the problem and saving us from what could of been a disaster.”

Kim, ASL Communication

“Things are going fabulous. We have no problems with her. We’re keeping her, I hope she is not going anywhere. She also asked “is she happy?” She is fun, very professional. She asks questions when she is not sure.  We’re thrilled to have her and we are definitely keeping her. “

Mark, Enspark Interactive

“We’ve been really happy with him. There hasn’t been any issues to date.He was given hard projects and he was able to get in and work on it correctly. He is a quality guy. He takes the time to make things work which is a good thing.He is hitting 3 or 4 coding areas and database and has done really well. He has been really great, he checks in every morning and I receive email from him every night about his accomplishment for the day.”

Andy, Complete Merchant Solutions

“He has continued to make excellent progress on our Cforce2.0 project. I highly value his ability to take a task and fill in the blanks so to speak. He also keeps the functionality of the project in mind suggesting and adding much needed features before being asked.(Such as forms that auto fill with data from the database)”

Susie, DDM

“I’m especially impressed with her and her diligence in working more Zendesk tickets. I spoke with the team a few weeks ago about working more Zendesk tickets and I noticed an immediate impact in response to this from her. Her support of our customers is personable, informative, and friendly. In addition to her great replies in Zendesk, Ann protects our site from fraud and phishing. She is super valued and appreciated!!”

David, About Time Technologies

“I have been impressed with the professionalism and dedication he had shown.  He is at work early every day, work late often, good at problem solving, ask good questions, listen to instructions, and work well together as team members.”

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