1602, 2019

Your step-by-step guide to hiring an Android app developer

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It’s good that you already have a clear idea of the Android mobile app product that you want to release. In fact, you already have a detailed description of the functionality of your app, and your next step is now to hire an Android app developer who can bring your [...]

1402, 2019

Follow these rules when hiring a PHP developer

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To be able to acquire the PHP developer who best fits the requirements of your business, follow these four simple rules we have outlined below: Rule #1: Prepare the job description Make sure to create a PHP developer job description that is specific, complete, and tailored to the exact needs [...]

902, 2019

3 easy tips when recruiting a React developer

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It’s great that you have decided to hire a React developer, but in order to recruit the perfect candidate for your business needs, you must follow these three quick tips. TIP 1: Prepare your React developer job description Create a job description that lists the React development expertise and experience [...]

1112, 2018

How to conduct effective weekly or monthly project review meetings with your remote team

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Working with a remote team will involve some challenges, and one of them is how to hold regular project review meetings with your developers, who could be an ocean away. In this post, we give you tips on how you can conduct meetings effectively in a distributed team set-up. TIP [...]

112, 2018

Effective strategies to evaluate qualifications of software developers

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Finding the software developer that fits your needs can prove challenging. The good news is we have documented strategies we have found effective to ensure you are hiring the right person. Below are some of these strategies, and feel free to adopt or tweak them according your specific needs. Be [...]

2011, 2018

Preparing for your next interview with a software developer candidate

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Interviewing candidates is an important part of hiring software developers. Through an interview, you talk directly with applicants, and learn more about their skills, background, motivation, and personality. But remember that your goal is to find the right candidate who will be a perfect fit for your company. To [...]