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CoDev makes it easy to extend your team internationally. We help companies hire great talent, and then provide in-country management, benefits, and more. With CoDev as your partner, you can focus on growing your business instead of hiring.
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Easy outsourcing experience


We’ll get in touch with you to get a precise picture of your talent needs.


Everyone in our recruiting pool has passed rigorous skill and English assessments. We’ll send you profiles of devs who match your talent needs, for you to select from.


Our team schedules interviews with your selected candidates.


Once you’ve made your final choice, CoDev will handle rate negotiations and onboard the employee. In many cases, your new dev can start working immediately.


With CoDev, you get the exact talent you need on your team, on time, and on budget. Contact one of our representatives and we’ll present candidates with matching skill sets.


The right skills and experience - Front end, back end, etc…

Hire JavaScript developers, React JS, HTML5, Angular 7, C#, C++, iOS, Android developers, and more. We can also provide you with sales and marketing staff, bookkeeping and accounting experts, as well as online customer support staff.

Our Devs work your timezone

Multiple shifts ensure our developers are always aligned/coordinated with your timezone.

High quality talent every time

Our proven vetting process includes English and coding assessments, thorough profile review, and initial interview. This ensures the quality and precision of the talent we provide to our customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CoDev has been in the business of software development outsourcing for over 11 years. In that time, we’ve established our base in Utah, and 5 offshore offices throughout the Philippines with over 450 employees.

We’re not a project shop. We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers and employees, giving our customers reliable and committed long-term staff, and all the support they need to manage their offshore team. We also pride ourselves on a proven vetting process that ensures high quality and precise talent every time.

Consider what your business needs first, and see if the potential outsourcing company can address these needs specifically. Also, consider the expertise and reputation of the outsourcing company by taking a look at their background, processes, and their current and previous customers.

Offshoring to the Philippines can save you thousands of dollars. Hiring a software developer in the Philippines will cost you less than half of what you’d spend for a US-based developer of the same caliber. And with CoDev, that price already covers their health insurance, office space, and other work-related needs.

With CoDev you have onsite supervisors for your team reporting to you directly, as well as a customer success representative who can attend to all of your concerns. We’ll do all the work of sourcing and screening potential candidates for your offshore team, and after you’ve made your final decision, we’ll also take care of the onboarding process, benefits, wage negotiations, etc. All this for one clear and reasonable monthly payment.

Yes. We’ll do the work of sourcing and screening candidates for you, based on your provided details and requirements. Once we have a lineup of qualified candidates, we’ll present their profiles and assessments to you, and you’ll decide who you’d like to interview and later hire.

For most positions, we’re able to find and hire the right candidate within a month after our first call. This timeframe may vary however, depending on the number of team members and specific skills you require.

On the off chance that one of your team members is not performing well or you’d prefer to have them replaced, you can simply talk to your customer success representative or your team member’s onsite supervisor about your concern, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll find a suitable replacement for you, and ensure that your former team member is placed in another project as soon as possible.

We believe that providing long-term solutions is best for both our customers and employees. That’s why we offer only long-term placements and not part-time staff.

When we screen potential candidates, we make sure they already possess the skills you require, and thus will not need further training to fulfill their role. If however, you think that they should receive additional training, we can assist you in getting your team the training they need.

Not at all! Our employees work multiple shifts, so they can work when you do.

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