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These candidates are pre-screened and available to start working for you immediately. Call today and start working together tomorrow.

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We are always proactive in providing our clients with skilled and reliable software developers anytime they need to hire one or expand their current team. This is why we are maintaining a database of software developers who are eager to work for you at the soonest opportunity. You will be pleased to know that each developer in our ready database has been pre-screened, not only for their technical skill and work experience, but also for their excellent English communication skills, leadership skills, and other soft skills.

Active Candidates

Full-time Recruiting Effort

Our partnership begins with a proactive Needs Audit where we take the time to understand your perfect Developer match; which tools will they be using and how much experience do you require? What does a typical day look like for them? What are the must have vs. nice to have skills? Our active search begins. Our team of full time Recruiters searches our active database and actively sources candidates who match your specific profile. We screen for required skills, conduct video interviews, assess language skills and even collect coding samples and/or administer coding assessments. The result? A short list of highly qualified candidates available for you to screen. Pick the candidate who best matches your need, and we will take care of the onboarding, all the paperwork, etc. They will be available to join your team when you need them. Sound good? Contact us today and let’s get started.