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Whatever role you need to have on your team, we’ll fill it with the best people for the job.

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Custom Software Development Solutions

With our experienced software developers on your team, you can have software solutions made to your exact standards and specifications:

• Quality checked and tested

• Combining attractive design and functionality

• Scalable and modifiable to fit your business’ changing needs

• Can be easily integrated into existing software you already use

• Impeccably maintained by one of our dedicated developers

Web Development Solutions

Our developers can create a custom website, web application, or landing page for you with your chosen stack, and it will be on brand, optimized, and engaging. Be it an ecommerce website, a unique web application, or a landing page for a certain product or business offering, our developers can build the exact solution you need, complete with all the features to create your ideal customer experience.

Mobile Development Solutions

Mobile apps are currently hot on the market. Our developers can help bring your mobile app idea to life and tick all the right boxes: ensuring smooth operability, on-time delivery, seamless platform compatibility, user-friendliness, and attractiveness.

Desktop Development Solutions

If you need a solid desktop software solution, you can count on our developers to deliver. Our developers can create a desktop application for you that can run seamlessly and natively on the most popular operating systems; with key features to ensure software robustness, longevity, performance, and reliability.

User-Friendly Design

Design is a key factor when building any software solution as it can make or break a user’s experience, and consequently their perception of your business and brand. With an experienced software designer on your team, your software solution can be smoother, more intuitive, and an absolute pleasure to use. It will not only look good and represent your brand in the best way, but also give users the most of what they want: usability, optimum performance, and easy accessibility.

Quality Assurance

Every product must pass strict quality standards, and with software solutions it is no different. Make sure your software products are of the highest quality at every stage of development by adding a QA Engineer and Tester to your team. They can address quality issues early and effectively, so you can be confident in the software solution you put out into the world.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Having a superb product is only the first step. Your next steps are crucial, and should involve a great deal of digital marketing. With today’s congested marketplace, you need to distinguish your product and brand online. Digital marketing allows your product to be seen as it should online, worldwide, and especially by your target audience. It gives your brand a global spotlight, so you don’t have to keep searching for customers– your customers will come to you.

Social Media Marketing

A social media marketing specialist can manage all of your business’ social media accounts. They ensure that timely, relevant, and engaging content are posted on your socials and attract your target customers. They can also monitor and analyze audience engagement, come up with effective social media strategies, and give your business a social media presence that people simply cannot ignore.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still among the most effective ways to reach customers online. Having a content marketing specialist on your team will ensure that your email marketing campaign presents your brand and product in the most effective way; offers a smooth and seamless flow from email to actual purchase; and is targeted to the right audience segments.

Content Marketing

To establish your brand online, you need content that presents your brand genuinely, distinctively, and attractively. And you’ll need a good variety of content-- blog posts, newsletters, infographics, among many others. A good content marketing specialist will know exactly the type of content you need to get results, and will track and optimize this content to ensure maximum performance.

Lead Generation & Management

A lead generation specialist can help to more clearly determine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, attract more prospective customers, and guide them seamlessly from enquiry through to purchase. The information gathered by these specialists can help refocus your marketing efforts so you are able to gain more customers with the least amount of spend.

Online Support Solutions

To make sure your customers are well taken care of, or to help you achieve a myriad of day-to-day tasks, you’ll need online support solutions. We offer these solutions:

Customer Service Support

With our customer service specialists in your team, your customers can be assured of friendly and reliable support, which can boost their confidence and loyalty to your brand.

Virtual Assistance

Swamped with daily tasks? Our virtual assistants can assist you with just about everything to make your life easier. Be it scheduling meetings and appointments, making reservations, or getting in touch with service providers, a virtual assistant can be a great help in keeping you organized and more productive.

These are just some of the solutions that CoDev can provide for you. Talk to us today to inquire about your specific needs, and learn more about our many service solutions.