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Available talent

Kim V.

Full Stack MERN Developer


For more than 3 years, Kim has been engaged in developing a Game Application called Play Chexi. This is used for gaming. He was using NodeJS, MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS and C#. His significant contributions were using sockets to keep the game up to date in a low cost budget, building the project from scratch, overhauling the backend and upgrading the responsive time to 300ms to 100ms. He completed a 4-year degree course in Information Technology from University of Cebu – Main.

Core Technologies

Javascript (6 yrs)
Typescript (2 yrs)
Java (2 yrs)
ExpressJS (5 yrs)
NodeJS (5 yrs)

Other Technologies

C# (1 yr)
Dart (2 yrs)
Adruino (1 yr)
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