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Gerhard P.

C++ Developer


Gerhard has been working as a C++ developer for more than 13 years. His recent work experience is with Windpact Pack3D wherein he worked independently as C++ Developer. He was previously connected with BitMicro Networks Inc. as a Software Manager and Senior Software Engineer where he is greatly involved in designing and development of management products such as standalone, command-line, and web applications, debugging, in charge of reviewing the source code, communicating with clients, and handling a team of 7 software engineers. Before BitMicro, he worked in Canon Philippines where he was tasked to create drivers for the Canon products, debugging, and porting. He is experienced C/C++ 11 and 14 (familiarity with C++ 14), IOCTL, Linux (Ubuntu, Centos, RHEL, OpenSUSE), Windows (Windows Server 2008 and Windows 2010), RSA, AES, Microsoft Visual Studio Development, Qt Development, Visual Studio Code, BusHound, FIO, nvme-cli, smartctl, sedutil, TriMesh processing, SecureDoc, Insomnia, Postman, and MS applications.

Core Technologies

C++ (12 yrs)
Linux Development (6 yrs)
Visual Studio (8 yrs)
Python (3 yrs)
JavaScript (3 yrs)

Other Technologies

QT (8 yrs)
Windows Development (7 yrs)
MongoDB (3 yr)