We pride ourselves in having some of the best programmers in the world. Listen to what a few of our customers say about their CoDev Developers.

Salah, Riiqo

“He is amazing and we love having him, a perfect fit for our team.”

Travis, Assure Services

“He has done very well switching between various assignments and staying on top of things. He has also been helpful teaching other team mates how to use the tax software. We are grateful for his hard work”

Sebastian, Xyon Software Development

“He is amazing always willing to help and meet deadlines. I have been working with him for close to a year now and he has been more than helpful. During my time working with him, he has taught me so much, he has always done his best to meet deadlines and has gone out of his way to make sure his work is of highest quality. He clearly has a vast knowledge of software development and I feel very lucky to have been able to work with him. Whether we are talking about programming, ui, or databases, he always has great ideas and contributes to the success of our products.”

Wendy, Content Watch

“Within our current Team, he has been with us the longest.  He has been a very important member of our team and is a great leader.  The other agents look to him as role model.  He understands our products and our systems and is very much a self-starter.  We have trusted him with assisting us in training new associates and we have just recently promoted him to a Tier 2 support level.  I have never received a customer complaint from any of our customers regarding Hendrix and he gets along with everyone on the team.  He is the teams spokesman when things need to be brought to management’s attention and is never shy about letting us know about issues or concerns.

Not only is he exceptional, but he has also helped recruit many of other successful members our team.  Bringing Hendrix on board was one of the best decision we made”

Michael, Lingotek

“He has stepped up to lead our Deal Review project. The team will be taking on our linguist experience project including our workbench. This is a core feature of our system and speaks to their success.”

Susie, DDM

“I’m especially impressed with the teams’ professionalism. Their support of our customers is personable, informative, and friendly. They are a delight to work with and are super valued and appreciated!!”

Jen, Advice Media

“I always appreciate her attention to detail and thoughtfulness regarding streamlining our processes to increase efficiency.  She has excellent time management skills and continues to impress me.”

Kim, ASL Communication

“Things are going fabulous. We have no problems with her. We’re keeping her, I hope she is not going anywhere. She also asked “is she happy?” She is fun, very professional. She asks questions when she is not sure.  We’re thrilled to have her and we are definitely keeping her. “

David, About Time Technologies

“I have been impressed with the professionalism and dedication he had shown.  He is at work early every day, work late often, good at problem solving, ask good questions, listen to instructions, and work well together as team members.”

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