There’s no stopping the software developer demand. Codev CEO, Tony Morrison talks about how corporate executives can bid the best talents in less than a day.

– Now may be the perfect time to shift investment to offshore talents.

– Project scope and project requirements are good indicators of what talents you crucially need.

– “The more flexible you are [work time and location], the more you will be able to attract the candidates you need,” he added.


Are you urgently looking for a software developer? Here are the top 3 things that affects how fast you can hire a talent.

  1. Simplified Needs

It is easy to put into words what you are looking for in a software developer. Then your list of needs soon becomes a list of wants you never intended in the first place.

“We recently had a .Net developer turned down because he hadn’t used Web Forms much in his past positions, but when we reviewed this feedback with him, the dev reported that although he hadn’t spent a ton of time with Web Forms, he found it easy, and he has used it enough to know that he could pick it up anytime,” he narrated. “The client delayed their hire 3 weeks because they were stuck on a non-core skill set. Don’t make that mistake.”

Key is to benchmark your needs to your types of project. Criteria for hiring includes: Location (local or offshore), Level (junior or senior), Language (Java, Python, etc), Duration (short-term or long-term), project scope and requirements, and the Number Of Developers you need.

  1. Time And Location Flexibility

According to Morrison, “Hours, location, employment situation, and even on-the-job perks are all opportunities that every company has to be flexible with today’s workforce.” This holds true to the 82% of working millennials in the country who reveal to be more loyal to a flexible working culture.

Times have changed. While money  drives motivation, millennial employees opt for other benefits such as more time off or travel incentives.

“The more flexible you are, the more you will be able to attract the candidates you need.  And these are just some of the things that every company should be flexible with,” he states.

Other flexibility factors include a fresh project or a new technology according to the developer’s choice can also be considered.

  1. Sourcing Strategy

It all boils down to choosing the right talent provider. For some small businesses, it  may be quite challenging to hire locals. Hiring overseas with US management is also one option you might want to consider. That said, you will have a wider pool of talents to choose from.

“Sometimes a push out through your social networks can uncover those looking for jobs today, but it’ll probably be best to get professional help.” the Codev CEO stated.

Codev aims to build partnership with small-scaled computer software businesses. We have a bench of skilled and well-trained developers from the Philippines where you can choose from right away. Our process includes live interviews, recorded interviews, sample projects, and knowledge test scores.

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