A quick guide to hiring a UI designer

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You might have already hired a developer or two to bring your web or app project to life. Now all you need to do is get a UI designer to make sure your finished product is as intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing as you envisioned it. So here’s a quick guide on how to hire the [...]

4 tips in hiring a Joomla developer

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Hiring a Joomla developer can be tricky, but finding the candidate that best fits your project requirements can be made easier if you follow the simple tips we have outlined below. TIP 1: Identify the specific Joomla skill-set that your business needs You should specify beforehand the exact Joomla skill-set you are looking for, be it [...]

Your step-by-step guide to hiring an Android app developer

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It’s good that you already have a clear idea of the Android mobile app product that you want to release. In fact, you already have a detailed description of the functionality of your app, and your next step is now to hire an Android app developer who can bring your vision to life. To help you, [...]

Follow these rules when hiring a PHP developer

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To be able to acquire the PHP developer who best fits the requirements of your business, follow these four simple rules we have outlined below: Rule #1: Prepare the job description Make sure to create a PHP developer job description that is specific, complete, and tailored to the exact needs of your business or project. List [...]

3 easy tips when recruiting a React developer

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It’s great that you have decided to hire a React developer, but in order to recruit the perfect candidate for your business needs, you must follow these three quick tips. TIP 1: Prepare your React developer job description Create a job description that lists the React development expertise and experience that your company absolutely requires. Always [...]