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Touching Base: CoDev CEO’s First Visit to the Philippines

CoDev CEO’s First Visit to the Philippines

Just over a year after becoming the CEO of offshore development company CoDev, Landon Essig was finally able to come to the Philippines, the base of CoDev’s offshore operations. His visit lasted around 2 weeks, with the purpose of not only meeting everyone at these offices in person, but also making sure our employees are doing well and that CoDev’s goals and direction are aligned in all offices.

Landon's visit in the Philippines

The First of Many

CoDev currently has 5 offices and nearly 450 employees throughout the Philippines. Visiting these offices has been a goal of Landon’s since becoming CEO, but this has been thwarted due to the pandemic. Thankfully, travel restrictions going to and from the Philippines have eased, and Landon was able to visit 3 of the 5 offices. 

Landon during a Learning Session at CoDev's office in Cebu, Philippines

His first stop was at the Ortigas and Makati offices, which are near the country’s capital Manila. There he met up with some talent supervisors and developers. He then proceeded to Cebu, which is an island located in the central part of the country, and where majority of CoDev’s offshore operations are located. Most of CoDev’s corporate team were present to meet with Landon, and he was able to have several crucial meetings and learning sessions with them.

The entire team was delighted to finally meet CoDev’s CEO in person, and they were eager to hear his thoughts on his goals and plans for the future of CoDev. 

Building Ties

Landon was not only able to meet the members of CoDev’s offshore teams, but was also able to bond with them through a number of sightseeing activities. This included a tour of Cebu city and its famous landmarks, trying out traditional Filipino food and delicacies, and even going on an island hopping trip with some members of the team.

Landon’s visit has brought a renewed vigor to the teams in the Philippines, especially after what many of them experienced following Typhoon Rai in December of last year. The entire team hopes for many more of these visits in the future, which will hopefully include the remaining two other offices in Bacolod and Davao.

To learn more about our offshore offices and how you can expand your team with CoDev, contact your customer success representative now or get in touch with us here.