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Not Your Usual Staffing Company

Sorry, We’re not your usual staffing company.

Our phone rings in our office a few times every day, and it’s often that on the other end of the phone is someone looking for work. After all, our name on Google and other online search engines is Codev Staffing. And it’s not inaccurate–we do hire staff for local companies.

But here’s what we aren’t:

A staffing agency, in the traditional sense. We don’t have a database of people looking for housekeeping or snow shoveling work. We don’t hire and place security guards for events. And we don’t have an accountant on call in case you have a big bookkeeping deadline looming and you need an extra hand right now. We don’t have manual labor positions or nighttime stocker openings for the local warehouse store.

In fact, if you live in the United States, Canada, or Western Europe, there’s a good chance we’re not looking to hire you. (Unless you’re looking for a sales job. We are hiring for that position, coincidentally. Here in Utah. Send your resume to sydneyt@zylun.com if you’re interested.)

You see, we do all of our hiring–and it’s a lot–in the Philippines. Cebu City, to be precise. We have an office there with a full-time recruiting team, HR supervisors, and a couple of hundred software developers who are full-time employees of Codev, but dedicated staff for our clients’ dev teams. What we do is we specialize in hiring developers in the Philippines for US-based companies (mostly), so they can enjoy the advantages of a global workforce without the headaches, cost, and time involved in setting up their own offshore office.

It’s actually a pretty cool model. But if you’re looking to fill in for a secretary in Utah or you’re looking for snow shoveling duty, you’re barking up the wrong tree, I’m afraid.

But if you own a software company or manage a team of developers, boy, do we have something special for you. Give us a call.