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Build your team with the
best offshore talent

Whatever role you need to have on your team, we’ll fill it with the best people for the job.

Companies like yours trust us

Your Team, Taken to the Next Level

Dedicated, talented, efficient. With CoDev you can have a team that’s all this and more.

Experienced, Highly Qualified Developers

All our developers have at least 3 years of experience and undergo a thorough testing and screening process. This ensures that your team is made up of only the best talent, with the specific skills and expertise that your project needs to succeed.

English Language Proficient

Communication is key in development projects. The English language is taught in schools in the Philippines from the very first year and is used in all major public and private institutions. This makes the people very proficient in the English language and able to communicate well.

Ready to Work When You Are

Once you approve a new hire, they can start working with you and at the same time every day as you do. We’ll take care of the onboarding process, wage negotiations, and other preparations so your new hire can get to work, right away.

Why work with Codev?

When you work with CoDev you work with a company that’s consistently provided high-quality talent to hundreds of businesses for over a decade. Our clients have grown with us, and we continuously cater to their needs long after we’ve found them the talent they’re looking for.

All your team’s needs are taken care of

Training, hardware, software, HR, tech support, perks-- you name it, we got it. We’ll cover everything your new team needs so they can do their best work, and so you can focus on what your business does best.

We go FAR

Fast, Affordable, Reliable. That’s how we work. We get you the people you need as quickly as possible, so you can get to work as soon as possible. We do this every time at a price your business can afford. We’re also here for the long haul, supporting your new hire throughout their time working with you, and helping you get more people as your business grows.

Expand your Tech Team with the Right Remote Talent

From project managers and technical leads, to specific programming language developers and QA engineers, we’ll find the right people to fill every technical role needed on your team. Take a look at some of our technical expert profiles:

  • Software Developer – Creates and develops software programs, reviews code and creates unit tests.
  • DevOps – Introduces practices and tools to streamline the software delivery process and provide continuous delivery with high software quality.
  • Designer – Works with clients and end users to achieve an end design that combines branding, functionality, and desirability to ensure adoption and ease of use.
  • Test Automation Engineer – Designs and writes programs for automated testing, identifying the most cost-effective test cases to automate.
  • QA Engineer – Plans, designs, and implements strategies for quality management and testing.
  • QA Manual Tester – Responsible for executing manual tests and filing bugs.
  • Project Managers – Responsible for planning, executing, and monitoring projects from start to finish.
  • Product Managers – Analyzes customer needs and works with the product owner to develop a business strategy for the product.
  • Technical Lead – Defines the technical direction of a project, ensuring the smooth functioning of technical operations.
  • Software Architect – Designs, develops, and maintains software architecture, enforcing technical standards.
  • SCRUM Master – Responsible for the implementation of a true Scrum process and maximizing its benefits.We’re also expanding our talent pool in other areas of business:

Sales & Marketing Roles

  • Lead Generation Specialists – Experts in attracting leads or potential customers, and nurturing them throughout the buying process.
  • SEO Specialists – Responsible for improving website rankings and visibility on major search engines through various optimization techniques.
  • Paid Ads Specialist (Google, Facebook, Instagram) – Creates, manages, and monitors advertising campaigns and develops advertising strategies.
  • Content Writers – Responsible for writing relevant content for websites with the aim of attracting business.
  • Website Designers – Responsible for creating the design and layout of a website.

Support Positions

  • Customer Success Specialist – Responsible for developing and maintaining long-term customer relationships.
  • Executive Assistants (VA) – Provides administrative, technical, and/or creative assistance to clients remotely.
  • Bookkeepers – Responsible for creating financial transactions and generating reports from these transactions.

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