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Achieve Quality at Every Stage of Software Development
Our Quality Assurance specialists ensure quality in all stages of software development, so you can be assured of a development process that follows the highest standards, and a superior quality end product.

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Complete Your Dev Team with the Right Quality Assurance Talent

Quality Assurance is essential in every software development team. A single bug in shipped software can cost a company millions of dollars, and there can be a number of bugs in one development project. Quality Assurance safeguards you from such damaging defects. They can catch and fix these defects before they become a serious threat to your software.

Quality Assurance Specialists do more than just test software. Today’s QA specialists provide valuable input that can preempt problems, and they can also assist developers in some tasks. 

When looking to hire QA specialists, you’ll want people that not only possess technical knowhow, like how to use the latest testing tools or how to automate testing. You’ll also want to check for the following:

  • Strong critical thinking skills, and the ability to analyze test data and differentiate between what should be manually tested and what should be automated
  • The ability to multitask as well as prioritize when needed 
  • Inquisitiveness and creativity, especially when it comes to writing test cases
  • Excellent communication skills, particularly when reporting on test results
  • Flexibility when it comes to testing techniques and ideas, and at least some familiarity with various testing options
  • Openness to learning new things and the ability to quickly adapt to them
  • Willingness to collaborate, and can empathize with both team members and end users

Above all, QA specialists must also have a passion for delivering quality. 

Here at CoDev, we’re exactly the same. We’re committed to giving our clients only the best quality talent for their dev teams. If you need a QA Manual Tester, QA Engineer, or Test Automation specialist, you can count on CoDev to deliver. Our proven vetting process has enabled us to provide hundreds of exceptional remote technical talent to numerous clients for over a decade, and we’re confident that we can do the same for you.

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