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Frequently asked questions

Hiring a remote software developer in the Philippines can cut your costs in half, compared to hiring a US-based developer of the same caliber, and that’s not including office space, benefits, etc. This means that you could save tens of thousands of dollars per year through outsourcing.

CoDev helps companies extend their tech companies internationally by providing them with high quality candidates and supporting them as a long-term partner. By outsourcing your talent needs with CoDev, you’ll offload the hassle and costs of talent sourcing to us and hire from a pool of candidates that we provide to you. We’ll provide your new employees with everything they need to be successful, such as computers, workstations, training, and benefits like utility stipends and health insurance. You’ll have the flexibility to scale your team up or down as needed. With CoDev you’ll save money and have time to focus on your business.

Our process involves three basic steps. First, we have a kickoff call with you to fully understand your specific staffing needs. After that, we conduct a thorough review of our active and available team members, as well as search through our broad recruiting database for possible candidates. Each candidate must undergo a series of relevant tests and assessments. Once we have a final lineup of qualified candidates, we send their full profiles over to you for review, and you pick out the ones you like. We’ll schedule online interviews for you with each of the candidates you’ve selected, and once you’ve made your final decision, we’ll make the necessary negotiations and arrangements so your new hire can start right away. 

We can help you find the exact software developers you need, be it Android or iOS developers, app or game developers, specific programming language developers, front-end, back-end, or full stack developers. Our outsourcing services can also fill just about every technical position you need for your development team.

Our vetting process for potential candidates includes thorough profile reviews, English language assessments, coding tests and samples, and a pre-recorded video interview– a feature not found in most other outsourcing companies. All these ensure the quality of each candidate, as well as precision in fulfilling the staffing requirements of our clients.

When we screen potential candidates for our clients, we make sure that they already possess all the skills and knowledge necessary to fulfill your role. That means no further technical training is required. However, should you deem additional technical training necessary– like for a particular project management software you are currently using, or a development process your team has implemented– we can assist you in getting your offshore employees trained in those specific areas.

We offer annual training and learning sessions to all our employees to keep their skills sharp and up to date, and to help them develop better working practices. If you need assistance with getting your new hire trained in other areas, simply contact their onsite supervisor. The supervisor will relay your request to the Utah-based customer success team, and they will get in touch with you as soon as possible to assist you with your training needs.

Absolutely. With CoDev you can scale your team up or down at any time.

Our offshore employees work in multiple shifts, so they can always work within the same hours as your local team.

Yes! All offshore employees are screened and tested on their English language skills prior to selection. Each candidate will also have a pre-recorded video interview, which will allow you to make an initial assessment of their English speaking skills.

Your offshore staff’s wages will come from the monthly fee you pay CoDev. The bulk of this payment is earmarked for employee compensation every month, with a small portion used to pay for facilities, equipment, and support personnel.

No. CoDev is not a “project shop”, and our offshore employees are not freelancers. Every one of our offshore employees is dedicated to only one US based client at a time. We also aim to position our offshore employees as long-term additions to the customers they work for.

Each member of your offshore team can be equipped with the online communication tools of your choice, and it’ll be up to you to determine when and how often you’d like to talk directly with them. An in-country CoDev supervisor will be assigned to each team member, so you have the option of getting in touch with your team and staying updated on their progress and performance through their supervisor. We also have a US Customer Success team that will be focused on making sure you have everything you need to be successful with your team.

Keeping your intellectual property safe is a priority we share with you. A clause in the contract our offshore employees sign expressly states that the product they create while working for you is your property.

We can match clients with the right talent in as little as one week, though for some positions it can average a few weeks. This means that you can start working with your new offshore team in as short as 4 weeks after our first call.

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