Hire Programmers in the Philippines

Cost Savings

Can you really afford to keep paying $100,000 for US-based developers?

The cost of hiring a qualified software developer in the Philippines is significantly less than in Western countries. We are talking about paying less than one-third to one half in salaries compared to US-based devs. Plus, the level of skill is competitive with the rest of the world, which means that with Philippine talent, you get to spend less while expecting quality results.

English Proficiency

Understanding is key to any business relationship, and in the Philippines, the English language comes naturally.

Filipinos are fluent in English, simply because it is the primary language used in business and education. As a matter of fact, the English literacy rate in the country is more than 93 percent, and only the United States and Canada have more fluent English speakers. Their neutral accent also gives Filipinos an edge over other English-speaking nations.

Western Culture

Situated in the Far East, but comfortably attuned with the West.

Yes, having been under more than 500 years of Spanish and American rule, the Philippines can relate closely to Western culture. Combine that natural cultural affinity with an incomparable work ethic, Filipinos are perfectly suited for offshore software development and IT outsourcing.


A Western university system at par with the rest of the world.

The country regularly produces software developer graduates that can compete with those of Western universities. Every year, more than 37,000 students earn college degrees in various IT specialties, awarded by schools with international academic accreditations.

Work Ethic

Integrity. Respect. Fun.

Talent and skills are not enough without the right work ethic. You can get more out of your offshore team in the Philippines because you know that their set of values, integrity, and respectful attitude will carry them through any project or challenging situation. Of course, it helps that we try to create a fun but productive corporate environment in Cebu that delivers results every time.


Embracing the latest in IT outsourcing

The Philippines has always been very progressive when it comes to welcoming new technology, so it’s natural for Filipinos to already be adept in IT fields like IP telephony, in platforms for social media (the country is the seventh largest market for Facebook), and of course, in various specializations of software development. The nation may be small, but it is always looking ahead to the future.


Providing a solid foundation in which offshoring can thrive

Professional software developers get a boost from the government, who continues to pour resources and attract investments for the BPO industry and IT business and educational sectors. This support not only fosters improvement in IT infrastructure, but also helps give offshore teams some added leeway to guarantee consistent quality performance.

Policy Environment

Continuing to incentivize foreign investment.

Not only has the government offered tax incentives for foreign investors, it has also taken significant steps in deregulating the telecomms industry while adopting new technology to shore up existing IT infrastructure and power resources.