The CoDev Hiring Process in Four Easy Steps


Step 1: Recruit

You can already browse online profiles of available software developers. You can also tell us the exact developer skill you need and we will screen candidates for you. Every applicant goes through a series of background checks, personal interviews, and online tests.


Step 2: Hire

We take care extra care in finding the developer that fits your needs, but we never needlessly delay the hiring process. And every step of the way, we will update you with any progress we make — whether it’s sending you information packets that contain resumes, video interviews, and test results. Because you know your business best, you get to decide which candidate you will hire, but we will be doing our best to make that task easier for you.


Step 3: Work

Your business deserves a dedicated team, and that’s what you’re going to get — your developers will be working full-time for you, and will report directly to you. There will be no shared resources with developers from other accounts. The offshore team is wholly your own, using your tools, and focusing only in helping you achieve your goals.


Step 4: Relax

Focus on the core aspects of your business, and we’ll take care of running your offshore team. CoDev is equipped with the necessary HR, admin, and tech support to make sure your software developers can deliver. We take pride in creating a working environment that allows developers to be at their best.