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Our Process

High-quality Talent Every Time

We take pride in providing our clients with the right talent at the right time. We apply a comprehensive vetting process that includes English and coding assessments, background checks, education screenings, code samples, and multiple interviews. We’ve spent over a decade working with thousands of developers refining our process. We take learning seriously, and we constantly aim to reach higher levels of quality for you.

Kickoff Call

During our kickoff call, our goal is to understand your development needs, the skill sets and coding languages you are looking for, the level of developer or other technical resources you need, how you foresee them interacting and working with your team, and your ideal time frame for getting started. We’ll be able to discuss a few different options for moving forward, answer any questions you have, and provide advice and guidance on how to make this a successful experience. Our experienced team members will be there to help you every step of the way. Despite differences in needs and requirements among clients, we can often match you with the right talent in as little as one week. Most connections are made within one month from our Kickoff Call.

Candidate Selection

After our Kickoff meeting, we immediately begin a thorough review of all our active available team members to identify those that would be the best match for you. We select our top recommendations based on your needs and send you their full profiles, including a resume, results for both language and coding assessments, a pre-recorded video interview, and code samples. After reviewing each profile, simply select those you would like to interview.

At CoDev, we understand that finding the right talent is more important than finding immediate talent. For that reason, we simultaneously begin a search through our broad recruiting database to make sure we find the right candidate for you. Because we’ve been doing this for over a decade, we’ve built lasting relationships and a strong reputation in the locations we operate. This gives us the advantage as we reach out to quickly find ideal candidates that meet your needs. Each candidate goes through our extensive screening process. We then provide full profiles for each candidate and allow you to select candidates for interviews. But remember, our developers are often placed quickly, so as you identify those you want to interview, move fast.


Once you’ve selected your top candidates, we set up a live, virtual interview that gives you the opportunity to meet with each candidate and ask them the questions you want. To simplify your experience, we provide you with recommendations on how to get the most out of your interviews – including best practice recommendations for how to structure and ask questions during an interview.

After interviews, you decide who you’d like on your team. If they are an existing CoDev team member, we get them started right away. If they are a recruit, we negotiate and finalize the offer and benefits package and set a start date. We’ll keep you informed along the way.

Start Coding

From day one, you can begin working with your new full-time, dedicated team member. We’ll make sure they are ready to go. We provide the office, workstation, IT and other administrative support, payroll and other services. We also provide supervisors to handle performance reviews for your team to help ensure your team members stay on track. And we know it’s important for them to have fun and enjoy perks too — that’s why we plan a healthy amount of fun through team outings, sports events, foosball tables, company parties, family days, and much more.

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