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What We Do

CoDev makes it easy and affordable to hire reliable, full-time, dedicated development staff in the Philippines.  We help businesses find and hire developers who fit their exact requirements and we provide enterprise office space, IT infrastructure, and administrative support around your team, allowing you all of the advantages of an offshore office without the high startup costs and headaches.

We work with software companies who are hiring full-time positions on a permanent basis but are finding it difficult to recruit local qualified developers at an affordable rate.  Our developers are usually one-third to half the cost of local talent but are just as qualified in terms of communication and technical ability.

Our corporate headquarters is in Lehi, Utah, and our offshore operations are based in Cebu, Philippines.

Offshore Software Development

Cheaper than your own overseas office, more reliable than a freelancer.

Opening an overseas office can be tricky for a small business, not to mention expensive. Office space and internet service provider contracts can run in the thousands, negating any savings you were hoping to achieve. Local labor and tax laws can be difficult to understand. Paying your foreign employees can be affected by fluctuating currency exchange rates, and the list goes on.

Hiring a remote freelancer comes with its own set of challenges as well. Is that person dedicated to your project, or is he working on several projects at once for several clients? Is she constantly searching for the next opportunity? Will you be able to proceed if for whatever reason your freelancer bails on your project before it’s finished?

CoDev gives you the best of both worlds. With our offshore operations in the Philippines since 2010, CoDev has done the heavy lifting of offshore staffing for you. We’ve jumped through all the hoops, crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s. When you hire your next dedicated developer through us, you get one all-inclusive monthly invoice, and we take care of everything else, without any of the risks of freelance developers. You just manage your new employee and get back to business.

Why CoDev?

CoDev Takes The Pain Out Of Hiring Developers


Save Time

Searching for the right candidate to fill a vacancy can lead to costly delays and lost opportunities. CoDev has developers on hand ready to get to work for you tomorrow. Skill sets and experience include PHP, HTML/CSS, and Javascript. We also have Android, iOS, and .NET talent available as well, just to name a few. And if we don’t have it, we’ll find it, quick.

View resumes, test scores, and recorded interviews of current applicants today to get started on building your offshore team. In most cases we can schedule an interview within 24 hours, and they can start the next day!


Find the Skillset

Not finding the developers you need with the skill set your team requires? CoDev can help. We bring the global workforce to your business, without the distractions of opening your own offshore office.

We specialize in hiring technical talent for our clients. Just send us your job description, and we’ll put our recruiters to work finding you the talent you need, so you can get back to business.


Save Money

Working with CoDev to scale your software team can save you big. We find that many of the managers we talk to don’t even know what the fully-loaded costs of one of their developers is. When you factor in wages, perks, taxes, benefits, IT costs, and overhead, you quickly add up to an amount that shocks many software development managers.

CoDev takes all of those costs and reduces them to a single monthly payment that is often 50% or lower than the in-house cost. Our recruiting team will find the right person to fill the role and our operations team does the rest. All from the flat monthly fee.

How to Hire a Web Developer


Step 1 – Recruit

Browse online profiles of available candidates or send us your job description and let our recruiting team get to work finding your next employee. We screen applicants using a combination of online tests, in-person interviews and background checks. We can also administer any assessments you have that have worked for you in the past.


Step 2 – Hire

The most qualified candidates in the market find opportunities quickly, so we want to move quickly too. We send you information packets that include résumés, test scores, video interviews and interview notes as candidates pass our screening. Only the top 1% of applicants make it to your desk. You select your team of professionals based on this data, or after holding video interviews. It’s your call.


Step 3 – Work

The team you choose works full-time for you and only you. No shared resources allowed! You get to manage the team how you want, with direct contact with those doing the work. Use your tools, hit your deadlines, amaze your customers.


Step 4 – Relax

We keep the lights on, the internet connected, and the paychecks delivered. Your employee works in our enterprise office space in Cebu. Performance issue? Let us know and we will address it in accordance with local labor laws. Worried about retention? Our office was recently voted one of the best places to work, and we earned it with bonuses, social events and positive company culture. WE MAKE THIS EASY.


Hire Programmer in Philippines

English Proficiency

Understanding is job 1 when it comes to communication.

3rd Largest English-Speaking Nation

English is the primary language for business and education in the Philippines. Only the US and Canada have more fluent English speakers. Filipinos have an English literacy rate of over 93%, and have a very neutral accent.

Western Culture

Far east location, minus the culture shock.

We Get It.

Thanks in part to over 500 years of Spanish and American colonization, the culture in the Philippines is very compatible with Western societies. There’s little you have to worry about when it comes to relating with your new employees.


The Philippines has an advanced western university system.

Qualified Developers!

We can find developers in the Philippines that are just as qualified as their American counterparts. In fact, over 37,000 students graduate in IT fields of study every year from internationally-recognized universities.

Cost Savings

Still paying $100k for your developers?

Same Skillsets. Less Expensive.

Salaries in the Philippines are substantially less than those in the Western world. Typically, our developers in the Philippines cost a third to a half of domestic talent, with no drop off in performance.


A modern, vibrant environment

Resources Abound

The Philippines government’s support for the BPO industry, such as providing resources for training and investments in education, have helped to position the country for success as a leader in offshore processes. Transportation, educational, and utility infrastructure in the Phillipines is also world-class, and constantly improving.

Policy Environment

Government incentivizes investment

Encouraging Foreign Investment

Political leaders in the Philippines have implemented a number of tax incentives to encourage foreign investment, and have helped initiate the industry by deregulating telecom and improving the country’s power supply and infrastructure. This enables outsourcers to pass along cost savings to their customers.


Early adopters abound

Telephony, Social Media, and more

The Philippines boasts an innovative technology industry, and have been early adopters of a wide range of technologies such as social media and IP telephony. The country is Facebook’s 7th largest market.  Huge institutional investments in infrastructure are improving internet accessibility and speeds.

Work Ethic

Integrity. Respect. Fun.


Business owners invest in Filipino teams due to their excellent work ethic, values, integrity, and the friendly working atmosphere that seems to foster in any organization’s structure. In our Cebu office, employees know how to have fun while not forgetting what responsibility entails and while placing a high value on professionalism.