How to create a Python developer job description

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Before you can start looking for a Python developer for your business, you must first complete a job description. In this post, we give you three quick tips in order to do just that: TIP 1: Use a comprehensive job description template Creating a job description is simple if you start with a good template. [...]

Important Considerations When Hiring a Python Developer

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Terrific, you have decided to hire a Python developer. Having a skilled Python developer will definitely offer your business a lot of advantages. To help in identifying the perfect team member, we offer you a few things to consider. Job Description We have found a critical step in identifying the right candidate, is to ensure you [...]

A Guide to Hiring a Python Developer

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So you have decided that hiring a Python developer will be good for your business, but you’re still not sure how to go about it. The good news is that through this post, we are outlining a basic guide that you can follow in looking for the guy you need. It may not answer all the [...]

How To Manage Your Team Of Remote Software Developers

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How challenging can it be to work with a remote software developer team? It was in 2015 when the growth of remote employees in managerial and professional occupations started to increase, thanks to the Internet for making efficient communications possible. At Codev, there are around 200 remote software developers who work for various computer software startups [...]

The Top 10 Programming Languages of 2017 – Part One

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The world of coding is complex and immense. It’s made up of a diverse range of languages, some are more valuable than others. With the plethora of programming languages available nowadays, you need to identify which ones will become a part of your arsenal of abilities. To help you understand which languages are preferred by [...]