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Why codev?


We often place developers with clients within one week. We are able to do this because we have an active pool of developers ready for hire immediately and we’re constantly recruiting the very best developers to add to this pool. If we don’t have the perfect candidate for you in our pool, we’ll find them for you free of charge.

The Philippines has a very large pool of skilled developers who know and respect CoDev. We also have an entire team of experienced full-time recruiting specialists who are dedicated to finding the right developer for your business as quickly as possible.


We cover all the headaches so you can focus on what counts. You don’t have to worry about sourcing, screening, recruiting, wage negotiations, or anything like that. Simply tell us what you’re looking for and get ready to interview exactly that.

Even after we help match you with your perfect developer, we continue to make your life easier. We provide the office, workstation, HR payroll, foosball table, parties, and handle performance problems. Operating through our headquarters in Utah plus multiple offshore locations in the Philippines, we provide everything for your team so all you need to do is assign them work and be there for follow-up as needed. On top of that, you can count on CoDev to provide your team with the HR, accounting, administrative, and technical support they need to perform at their best. And we know it’s important for them to have fun and enjoy perks too — that’s why we plan a healthy amount of fun through team outings, sports events, family days, and much more.


You’re getting high-quality developers for ½ the price you’d expect. The cost of hiring a qualified software developer in the Philippines is significantly less than in Western countries. We are talking about paying less than one half in salaries compared to US-based devs. Plus, the level of skill is competitive with the rest of the world, which means that with Philippine talent you get to spend less while expecting quality results.

We also simplify things for you by having a single, consistent amount due every month. And this flat monthly fee not only covers the software developer’s wages (plus perks, benefits and taxes), but also the other costs included in managing and maintaining your offshore team.



Our developers are proactive, they code well, they communicate well, and they’re on time and on task. This all leads to a productive and effective relationship. We manage the sourcing/screening of the candidates and ensure they will meet your exact requirements. We have dev managers to help oversee and check in with the developers regularly to ensure they’re completing tasks.

CoDev’s decade of experience staffing in the Philippines ensures you’re getting great quality. We understand the culture, what to look for in candidates, and how to help you have effective relationships with your developers. We’ve succeeded this long for a reason. We have a proven model that works and understand how to do business in the Philippines.

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