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What our Clients say

“I always appreciate her attention to detail and thoughtfulness regarding streamlining our processes to increase efficiency. She has excellent time management skills and continues to impress me.”

-Advice Media

“He is amazing and we love having him, a perfect fit for our team. He is a hard worker and is willing to go the extra mile to help us finish projects and make our clients happy. He’s also been a great team player and works well with the other members of our team.”


“She has been a huge asset to our team! She is a very knowledgeable and capable developer. We really wouldn’t be where we are today without her. She has been a key person in getting our products and services developed and has really taken on more of a senior developer role.”

-Enspark Interactive

“He is one of my best developers. He has the balance between Speed and Reliability. He knows what questions to ask and that makes my life easier for I can give him the right answer. He is great on estimating how long the project to be done and delivered them absolutely as expected.”


“Having the support of a remote team in the Philippines has been incredibly helpful to our company. The team can handle their daily work and escalate items that are necessary or outside the typical process. This helps free up a significant amount of time for the team members in our local office to focus on new tasks.”

-Assure Services

“We have been absolutely pleased with our experience with CoDev and with our team member, Carlo. Carlo has worked with us for the past three years and has been an incredible asset to our team. He has always been very positive and has gone above and beyond to complete each task.”


“We started working with CoDev two years ago. The interview process was pretty smooth because the vetting was done by CoDev and I only had to review resumes and complete final interviews. We’ve been happy with our developer, Jonathan. He’s dependable, communicates well, and is a huge help to our team.”

-Big Leap

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