We pride ourselves in having some of the best programmers in the world. Listen to what a few of our customers say about their CoDev Developers.

David, Buy Box Experts

Case Study:

Buy Box Experts’ core business involves creating a great, hassle-free online selling experience for its clients. CoDev was able help the company achieve this by assembling an Amazon Support Technician team that can promptly handle inquiries from Amazon sellers who want to be more effective in attracting buyers. Now consisting of seven highly qualified developers, this team continues to offer top quality results, and more importantly, give sellers the edge they need to succeed in the competitive Amazon marketplace.


“We worked with an outsourcing company for about 18 months, and the benefits of that setup were limited. We often felt it was more work explaining to our offshore team how to do something than it was to just do it ourselves. We also learned that our team was paid only a fraction of the price we paid the management agency and that the facilities they were working in and the equipment they were using were substandard.

Well, I quickly learned that who you hire and how those people are treated makes a big difference. Enter CoDev. From the beginning of our working relationship, things were just clear and professional. The contract and integration process was smooth and transparent. We had a clear understanding of where their facilities were, what they were like, and who would be managing our people. Their recruiting team went to work quickly and found rockstar employees who had the exact experience we needed. It was night and day from our previous offshore team. This new team, empowered by the CoDev resources and culture, was solving problems even my US people couldn’t fix. We also knew that our team worked in an environment we could be proud of and could use for years to come.

I can’t recommend this company and its leadership team enough. The US team is remarkably insightful and available to your needs and the management team in the Philippines understands how to blend both cultures to help those employees produce effectively and be happy with their jobs. It has been a joy to work with them.”

On their CoDev employee:

“Really positive experience working with her. She knows how to execute on the role and has done a good job acting as lead. She has a good sense of the best action to take when things are ambiguous and I look forward to continuing to work with her.”


Case Study:

As a firm that offers digital advertising services, SEO Expert is always on the lookout for the right people that contribute to its continued success. With CoDev’s help, the company was able to find veteran developer Darlene. Skilled and seasoned (thanks to an impressive track record serving diverse clientele over the years), Darlene lent her expertise to the firm, especially in the execution of digital ad campaigns and the migration of websites, and she has delivered results efficiently, each and every time.


“SEO Expert is a digital advertising agency with all types of clients. She quickly completed many clients’ requests. For example, she worked tirelessly on colettesevents.com and quickly completed over 50 tasks assigned to migrate from Adobe to WordPress. Her efforts did not go unnoticed as the client thanked our company many times for “the amazing work that your web developer/designer completed!”

Andy, Complete Merchant Solutions

Case Study:

Because CMS specializes in developing electronic payments solutions for clients, it routinely works with all major credit bureaus, as well as all credit card companies. Of course, the nature of its business requires the firm to comply with the PCI Security Council standards every time. Partnering with CoDev, CMS was able to form a team of professional developers that can help tackle electronic payments projects with the aim of maintaining PCI compliance for CMS. Sure enough, our developers were able to deliver, and continue to do so to this day.


“He has continued to make excellent progress on our Cforce2.0 project. I highly value his ability to take a task and fill in the blanks so to speak. He also keeps the functionality of the project in mind suggesting and adding much needed features before being asked.(Such as forms that auto fill with data from the database)”

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